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Fernando Alonso Has Rejected McLaren To Buy Him Into Indy 500

Fernando Alonso Has Rejected McLaren To Buy Him Into Indy 500

Fernando Alonso

Hours after McLaren apologized to Fernando Alonso for the fiasco related to Indy 500 failure, the legendary Spanish driver has rejected the offer by McLaren who were keen to buy him into Indy 500.

That sounds a bit strange, in a way, does it not?

Not only because of the fact that McLaren happen to be more than just some famous team in Motor-Racing for which legends like Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost once drove, but Fernando Alonso himself ended his F1 run in the same team.

This, it must be reminded is an outfit for which Fernando Alonso has driven for four straight years, starting 2014. But all said and done, it’s confirmed that the former F1 double world champion will no longer be driving in Indy500 for McLaren.

But truth be told, there’s a rational reason behind Fernando Alonso declining McLaren’s big offer.

Did you know that the former Renault and Ferrari driver (in F1) actually decided to not accept the offer since he wanted to make space for a young driver? Interestingly, this is not just a random piece of news. Several leading F1 journals are pointing in this direction.

In fact, for a driver who’s so tirelessly been working toward winning the triple crown- which includes the Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500, and Le Mans, this would have been one big opportunity.

Having said that, it’s not for nothing that Fernando Alonso is so admired- isn’t he? One wonders, just how many would’ve offered such a big thing out there, despite knowing well that he could’ve still competed in Indy500 in a McLaren.

In fact, to this end, Zak Brown of McLaren offered some insight and its worth taking a note of:

Brown said Alonso initially supported McLaren running a car for him if the team needed to satisfy obligations to their sponsors. But once the Spaniard learned he’d be replacing another driver and competing for another team, he said he was uncomfortable with pursuing that route.

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