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Fernando Verdasco: “People Sometimes Speak Too Much”

Fernando Verdasco: “People Sometimes Speak Too Much”

Fernando Verdasco spoke out about the ball boy incident that transpired between him and the ball boy at the Shanghai Masters 1000 event earlier this year. Fernando Verdasco had received heavy criticism on the social media from renowned players and other fans, for berating the ball kid. Even Roger Federer had a say about it; read it here: Roger Federer: “I Was Two Years a Ball Boy”

Verdasco finally spoke about the incident earlier yesterday at the Paris Masters 1000, where he is currently participating. Verdasco lashed out at the casual comments that were thrown at him on the social media. “I think with social media there are certain people who sometimes speak too much,” Verdasco said. “I received many messages telling me to apologize…it looks like I did something really wrong to the guy, when it was my way of telling him was that we have (to rush between points due to the serve clock and the potential for a code violation)”, he added.

” It was super humid and the kid was obviously not understanding English when I was asking for a towel”, continued Verdasco. “When you finish the point at the net, what you cannot do is go running every point to get your towel if you only have twenty seconds rest after a long rally”, he said.

There were other similar events, which were brought into the limelight. Both players were called out on social media for their actions. Aryna Sabalenka and Stefanos Tsitsipas were also fired at when they appeared to behave rudely. Both of them have publicly apologized since the out-lash. “I totally agree that this is unacceptable”, said Tsitsipas. “I had nothing against the ball kid. I just wanted my racket ready for play. Nothing more than that.” However, he later asked for the video of the incident to be taken down and deleted his tweeted apology as well.

Earlier this week Aryna Sabalenka also apologized saying, “It was bad of me and now I will never do it again, and I will try and be nice to the ball boys, even if they’re sometimes so slow.” She also added, “They’re just small kids, and you can’t do anything to them. Yeah, I’m so sorry for that guy and hopefully he’s not pissed with me.”

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