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Ferrari boss Arrivabene Blasts “False Rumours”

Ferrari boss Arrivabene Blasts “False Rumours”


Maurizio Arrivabene, Ferrari’s boss, has hit out at the so called “false rumours”, concerning the future of Ferrari Formula 1 technical director Mattia Binotto. He also went on to say that they are designed to “create instability” within the team. In an exclusive PR with selected media, Arrivabene berated the circulation of these baseless rumors.

“Let’s make it clear once and for all,” said Arrivabene. “The rumours about Mattia are a fake news, put around to create instability in the team”, he said angrily. “It is an attempt to try to create problems where there are no problems, and I do not want to comment on false rumors anymore”,he added. Binotto has been widely accredited with Ferrari’s improved performance in the F1, since the departure of previous technical director James Allison midway through its dismal 2016 season.



“During this season there have been many attempts at destabilization, sometimes with stories about the drivers, others about the technicians”, he said. “My position? Ask (Ferrari’s) managing director (Louis) Camilleri.” 

He also spoke about the new additions in his team, and said that Ferrari was not in a rush to sign in more reinforcements. “No one has ever spoken of goodbyes, possibly we can talk about reinforcements”, he said. “But it takes time, we’ll think about it next season. Today the team is there, and it’s a good and compact team”, he added.

He went on to say, that the current team will be unaffected by the additions, and that the reinforcements were meant to help the existing team. “If there are reinforcements they will arrive without any haste, I stress it, and [only] if we need to have them”, said Maurizio Arrivabene.

“The line is that of stability, if there are additions [they] will not undermine the soundness of the existing group”, he continued. “A team that works only needs reinforcements, not revolutions. Personally, I have never believed in revolutions, but in evolution“, he concluded.

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