Another Ferrari Blunder Leaves Sebastian Vettel Way Back in Ninth


Another race weekend. Another blunder from Ferrari. After messing things up countless times over the season, both Sebastian Vettel and the Ferrari team needed something special from this race weekend. While they were off the pace in all three free practice sessions, better things were expected from them in Qualifying.

While the circuit was dry and drivers were putting on dry compound tires, Ferrari came out with Inters. When they decided to pit in and put the dry tires, it started raining and all was for nothing. As a result, the two Mercedes finished at the top, with Lewis Hamilton claiming his 80th pole and the Ferraris were down in 5th for Raikkonen and 9th for Vettel.

As soon as Vettel came out on track, he knew that Ferrari had made a blunder. “It is dry,” Vettel reported over team radio. “I knew it”

“The first run was ok, I had a mistake in Spoon so I lost some time there but the second run we didn’t make it out on time because the rain came down,” Vettel said post Qualifying.

“It’s not the position we deserve to be in, we have better speed than ninth, but tomorrow is a new day, it’s not easy when you start further back but it’s not impossible.”

Nonetheless it wasn’t a good Saturday for the team and for Sebastian Vettel, who earlier in Q1 had a spin as well. With 50 points behind, he’ll be hoping something of a miracle or else he can very well kiss all his hopes of a 5th championship goodbye.

The fans were left fuming as well. Here is how the Twitterati reacted:

On the other side of the road, Lewis Hamilton took over his 80th pole position all thanks to his team’s perfect strategy calls. Valtteri Bottas starts second.


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