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Ferrari Braced Themselves for Troubled Australian GP

Ferrari Braced Themselves for Troubled Australian GP

The Scuderia Ferrari team were easily the strongest team if pre-season testing was any indication. However, Mercedes needed just 48 hours to dash that little dream and break Ferrari hearts.

Later it transpired that the team has identified two major reasons behind their lack of pace. According to internal investigations in Maranello, they discovered that they were going to be on the back foot right from practice.

According to a statement on Motorsport.com Italy, “In Maranello they had already understood in free practice that Ferrari would have to race a weekend in defense. The mistakes were made at home and there was no way to repair them on the track. The lesson was served and in Bahrain the SF90 should return to be that of Barcelona.”

Sebastian Vettel

Further analysis in Maranello yielded the following answers, “The SF90 is too sensitive on bumpy tracks (front suspension is more conservative) and setup was wrong. Whole packaging was too ‘closed’ for Melbourne, so they had to reduce power to not cause any damage to the new PU.”

As it turned out, the less number of cooling vents for Melbourne could have resulted in overheating issues of the PU if they used full power.

Hopefully for the sake of all Ferrari fans, they fix their issues or else it will be a long season for the scarlet team. Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc are talented drivers and it would be a shame for them to be stuck fighting for 4th and 5th.

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