Ferrari Carry Out Changes In The Team’s Structure Just Ahead Of The French GP

June 17, 2019 10:21 pm

Ferrari have responded to the whole talk about making changes in the team’s overall structure by carrying out some new changes ahead of the 2019 French Grand Prix.

This, one clearly knows, has been a season that’s been much about Mercedes and its two drivers winning on every given circuit with Ferrari playing a lame catch-up to the strongest name on the grid.

So at a time where the team is reeling for a change, having consistently failed on seven occasions to win a race, one certainly hopes that the new change in the team may well give the famous racing marquee some hope.

But, here’s a question. Just what is the change that Ferrari have made to their structure?

A leading publication dealing with the inside news on the teams and their composition had the following to say

The 50-year-old said that Ferrari no longer has a classical horizontal structure. Instead of that, several people responsible for different key areas report to him and he has to filter the information to take the right changes and decisions.

Several other key positions were redefined to clarify the responsibilities within the team. Lewis Hamilton’s former race engineer Jock Clear was the team’s leading engineer, but his main responsibility for 2019 is his role as a driver coach for Charles Leclerc. Toro Rosso’s former technician and FIA’s deputy race director Laurent Mekies who attended a Formula 1 race with Ferrari for the first time last November is responsible for the team’s sporting matters at the race tracks.

While none of the drivers have happened to share any comment about this latest bit of change that has got everyone talking, one certainly feels that with 14 races to go, there’s still a lot up for grabs from both Vettel and Leclerc’s perspective.

The time to cash on is now, isn’t it right Mattia?

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