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Ferrari Confirm Their Future With Charles Leclerc Through a 5 Year Contract and a Fat Pay Cheque

Ferrari Confirm Their Future With Charles Leclerc Through a 5 Year Contract and a Fat Pay Cheque

After a stellar season with Scuderia Ferrari, Charles Leclerc has established himself as the one to beat. So, in light of his impressive form, Ferrari sent him a brand new contract as an early Christmas present. The contract will see the Monegasque driver remain with Ferrari for the next five seasons. Now, the news has been made official, as per various sources, with the driver himself confirming  the news on Twitter.

Prior to that, he was being paid $3.5 million in his previous deal, but now the fresh deal will see his bank account skyrocket. It is believed that this is the first time that Scuderia Ferrari has ever offered a 5-year contract to any drivers in the history of Formula One.

As a bonus, the 22-year old will also see a massive bump up in his salary, where he will receive close to 9 million a year. Speaking about the new deal, Leclerc said, “I am very happy to be staying on with Scuderia Ferrari. This past season, driving for the most illustrious team in Formula 1, has been a dream year for me. I cannot wait to enjoy an even deeper relationship with the team after what has been an intense and exciting 2019. I’m keen to see what the future holds and I can’t wait to get going again next season.”

Ferrari Signed Charles Leclerc with One Eye on the Future 

Since he is only 22-years old, Scuderia Ferrari is trying to invest in the future of their team in Formula One. In the words of CEO Louis Camilleri, the key to winning is maintaining “stability and serenity”, and Leclerc’s extension is said to be a sign of that.

Ever since Charles Leclerc arrived in Maranello, it did not take him very long to lay bare every ounce of talent that he possesses. Then, in his second race with the Italian marquee, he snatched pole position in Bahrain. He was in a prime position to win the race until a failure ruined his chance and it shuffled him down to 3rd place.

Team principal Mattia Binotto knew that the team was fast in Bahrain, but they underestimated Leclerc’s raw speed. Even Binotto admitted that Leclerc’s arrival is “an investment in the future” and he must be protected by a good policy.

With Charles Leclerc locked into Ferrari until 2024, it effectively crosses him off the drivers market. Admittedly, he attracted a lot of eyeballs, including the likes of a rival team, Mercedes. However, Scuderia Ferrari was aware of the situation and tightened their hold on him.

At a recent Sports Management toast, the Monaco native was asked about his perfect Christmas gift, he replied that it would be the World Championship in his clutches. It is worth noting though, that in spite of the hunger, he is aware that the mission will be easier said than done. With that declaration out there, Scuderia Ferrari has seemingly agreed with him and rewarded him with a new contract.

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