Ferrari Driver Rubens Barrichello in an Epic Duel with David Coulthard in Germany

July 23, 2019 10:43 pm

Back in 2001, Formula One was facing much simpler times when racing was reaching its peak. An almighty duel between Ferrari driver Rubens Barrichello and McLaren’s David Coulthard was proof of that. Early on, Michael Schumacher took himself out spectacularly when his car suddenly slowed down to a crawl. Then, an unsighted Luciano Burti speared into the back of the Ferrari, sending his Prost car airborne, crashing down onto the Arrows duo of Enrique Bernoldi and Jos Verstappen.

This left Rubens Barrichello flying the flag for Ferrari and to take the fight to McLaren and Williams. One key difference with this circuit was that it was the older, longer and faster Hockenheim layout. So, when Barrichello duelled with Coulthard, it was pure, raw Ferrari speed vs Mercedes speed. If anyone thought that Monza was the Temple of Speed, the old Hockenheim circuit was practically Mount Olympus.

It was also the era with no aids like DRS or ERS, but V10 engines and lean mean 350kph machines. In all fairness to Coulthard, he did a stellar job of holding back the Brazilian. However, a lap later, Barrichello was finally past the Flying Scotsman and up into 4th. This would later become 2nd after Schumacher and rookie Juan Pablo Montoya retired from the race.

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