Toto Wolff Shares That Ferrari Drivers Could Get It Together Very Quickly

Daily Express

So far, the Prancing Horse seems to be clearly struggling. Every race that has happened thus far as seen Ferrari either salvaging some pride either in the form of the fastest lap, an odd pole position or a low-key third on the podium. Take the Grands Prix of China and Baku for example.

Their numero uno driver Sebastian Vettel, currently contesting in his fifth straight season at the Scuderia stable bagged two back-to-back P3 results at the races. None of the drivers from Ferrari have even managed a second, let alone a race win.

And that’s not all.

Currently, Ferrari have already conceded a 74-point deficit to the frontrunners on the grid Mercedes.

Both Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, despite showing shades of sporadic brilliance, haven’t really been able to inspire the Italian team to something celebratory. Yet, a key figure from their opposite number- Toto Wolff- has made a rather interesting observation to make on the Mattia Binotto-outfit.

Wondering what that is?

Well, here’s what can be called a key observation heading into the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix. Wolff’s comments imply that given the way Ferrari are struggling as seen currently, the lack of any race wins and the fact that at Spain, upgrades may eventually help could see their two drivers getting back in the game very quickly.

The Austrian was quoted as saying, ” Remember that very quickly Vettel or Leclerc could be back into the game.”

Throwing caution to the winds, Toto Wolff also added that his team “shouldn’t get carried away with their four first results. This was due to the fact that there’s plenty more races todo. Definitely the relationship matters in order to avoid what “we” want through with Nico Rosberg and Lewis.”

All that said, Ferrari would want to take inspiration from one of their greatest warlords on the grid in the sense that it was none other than Schumacher who won the most number of times in Spain. So, the question is, can Vettel and Leclerc reverse the fortune for the Prancing Horse at the 66-lap-contest?