Ferrari Duo Trade Paint Jobs in Opening Race


When it was announced that Charles LeClerc will join Ferrari, many predicted sparks to fly. But, what nobody expected was how soon would they be duelling. As it turned out, Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc were already wheel-to-wheel right from the word go.

During the 2019 Australian GP, LeClerc and Vettel were at it once the five red lights went out. In fact, the two drivers even gave each other ‘love taps’ at turn 1 itself.

To be perfectly honest, if this is the precedent set by the Ferrari boys, 2019 will definitely be worth watching. Of course, as expected, Ferrari implemented team orders to establish a sense of decorum.

But that did little to deter the younger Ferrari man from relentlessly hunting down Vettel as the race progressed. Vettel was certainly kept on his toes, but was helpless when Max Verstappen’s Red Bull Honda blasted past him.

Of the three teams, The Maranello outfit definitely looked the weakest, but hopefully they get to the bottom of things.

Coming back to Australia and the first corner duel, hopefully Vettel and LeClerc do not take things too far. The last thing Ferrari and the Tifosi needs is a Lewis HamiltonFernando Alonso repeat.