Can the racing empire strike back? (India Today)

With so many struggles up their alley, one wonders, can Ferrari bounce back to some form?

While the above may have read like a random statement, it is anything but that- isn’t it? They aren’t winning. Their drivers aren’t really getting anywhere. Moreover, with seven races done and dusted, Ferrari are nowhere in the fight to the 2019 title- right?

If there’s a season that hasn’t really gone Ferrari’s way right from the very start then it is the ongoing 2019 F1 season. And maybe that is why their team principal Mattia Binotto has shared that the Maranello-based team revamped the team’s technical support structure.

So what exactly does the Switzerland-born team principal mean? Here’s what you need to know.

“We have identified four or five figures that have become my points of reference in the various areas. I am useful for filtering information and thinking about the future. 

“2021 is around the corner with new regulations, cars that could be radically different and the budget cap that will force us to review certain production processes.”

That said, one reckons, given how poor Ferrari’s current season has been so far, it may just happen that most would simply strike off this recent development.

And there’s some reason to believe in that theory for the simple reason that many a top brass publication has already ruled out the current season for the red cars, stating that Ferrari are better off preparing for the next round in 2020.

So that said, how did the team fare in the last seasons? Surely, they weren’t in a similar situation, right?

In fact, as of the last year, Ferrari were up to speed right from the word go given their thumping season-opening win at Australia. It wasn’t too hard to see Sebastian Vettel ruling at Melbourne Park, a track where they consistently denied Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes a win.

Credits: Grand Prix 247

Next up, one would see him dominate at Bahrain, a track where this year, Charles Leclerc almost earned his first win. It is worthwhile to note that the four-time world champion, Sebastian Vettel would win the Bahrain Grand Prix displaying pure class, using the straight-line speed to good advantage in the 2018 run at the night safari. Previously, he would do the same in 2017.

A leading motorsport publication went on to add on the developments concerning Ferrari’s new structure, as shared by Binotto. It would state the following:

“Binotto did not elaborate on who his key figures were, but it is believed that his plans revolve around Laurent Mekies overseeing matters at the circuits, Enrico Cardile on the chassis, David Sanchez for aerodynamics and Enrico Gualtieri on the engines.”