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Ferrari F1 Advised to Replace Mattia Binotto in Place of Alfa Romeo Boss Frederic Vasseur

Ferrari F1 Advised to Replace Mattia Binotto in Place of Alfa Romeo Boss Frederic Vasseur

Following a disappointing 2018 campion, Scuderia Ferrari hired a new team principal. In other words, Maurizio Arrivabene was let go and technical chief, Mattia Binotto replaced him.

Unfortunately, Ferrari came up empty yet again, this time with Binotto at the helm. Now, some have suggested that Alfa Romeo boss Frederic Vasseur should replace Binotto.

“I think that if you were to make Frederic Vasseur there, things would turn out very differently. That is my favorite, I would like to see it there,” journalist Jack Plooij said to the Grand Prix Radio podcast.

He noted that Binotto tends to be too careful in his approach to managing the team. However, Plooij believes that Scuderia Ferrari believe in only one kind of approach, but it is not Binotto’s.

He cited the example of Michael Schumacher who had a big hand in fostering this train of thought. The German legend managed to bring the right people to the Ferrari team that ruled the early 2000s era.  Podcast host, Robin Leféber also echoed the sentiments and admitted that Binotto is ‘too nice’.

Frederic Vasseur

Is Vasseur the right fit for Ferrari?

Vasseur took over as Alfa Romeo team principal in 2017. Since then, the Swiss outfit has been trying to move up the grid after a lengthy period poor performance.

With Alfa Romeo essentially being a Ferrari B team, their relationship with the Maranello squad is very close. So, it begs the question, if Ferrari decide to relieve Binotto, could Vasseur inherit the role of Ferrari team principal?

“Everything is possible,” Vasseur told French broadcaster TF1 earlier in 2019. “I started in Formula Renault, on the grid here at Paul Ricard, by being 15th or 20th. So, anything is possible. I’m focused on what we’re doing today because that is what’s important. I think Mattia is doing a good job, and we’ll see later about the rest.”

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