WATCH: Stunning Ferrari Formation in Finali Mondiali, Monza


At the recently concluded Finali Mondiali, held in Monza, over 30,000 fans came to witness some of the finest Ferrari built cars from all across the domain, on the track. Finali Mondiali (Italian for world finals) took place over the weekend in Monza in damp conditions and had cars from all four Ferrari Challengers to produce a fantastic carnival for the fans.

Giancarlo Fisichella, Marc Gene, Andrea Bertolini and Davide Rigon were the drivers who did demonstration runs in the team’s 2009 F1 cars. Alongside them, CEO Louis Camilleri and F1 team principal Maurizio Arrivabene were present to hand out the prizes to winners of Ferrari’s GT championships.

Among the hundreds of photos and videos that come out of such an event, it is one particular video which has caught our eye. Present here are four Ferraris all roaring past in a perfect formation. Since the cars are the 2009 spec ones, the naturally aspirated V8s produce a stunning a noise, something any F1 fan would love to hear. A spectacle to die for.

Arrivabene had a special message from departing fan favourite, Kimi Raikkonen and he delivered it to the thousands of fans present there.

“A special greeting from Kimi, who won in the United States. We met after the race and he said something very simple: ‘It took a while’ time, but this victory will remain in my heart along with the world of 2007. If you go to Monza, tell all the fans. Thank you for me, this success is for them “,  he said.

Along with the 2009 machines, the Corse Clienti drivers also had the chance to lap Monza in their collection of classic F1 Ferraris, including examples from the eighties and ninties.



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