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Ferrari HALO Mirrors to be Banned After Formal Complain from Other Teams

Ferrari HALO Mirrors to be Banned After Formal Complain from Other Teams


After gaining widespread recognition over its Halo Wing Mirrors, Ferrari are now facing the grunt after FIA has decided to ban the mirrors starting Monaco. They will be allowed to race them currently in Barcelona.

At the end of April, the FIA sent out a ruling to the teams allowing them to reposition the rear view mirrors on the halo. The only condition is that the teams stay within the regulatory ‘box’. Ferrari became the first team to adopt the design, with images revealed on Friday.

Ferrari’s solution includes a winglet mounted high on the car, thus, enhancing performance to the rear wing. This gives off the the same effect as 2017’s shark fin mounted T Wings.

The HALO mounted mirrors

Force India technical director Andy Green said:

“It’s something we’ve not dared to do yet, I still think it’s a great idea however, it goes to show how far Ferrari will go: to the limit”

“I don’t think you’ll see them at another race, that’s my understanding,” confirmed Red Bull boss Christian Horner to Sky F1.

According to certain sources, the other teams had lodged complaints and FIA Director Charlie Whiting was keeping a close eye on Ferrari’s mirrors. In fact, he was spotted, clicking photographs of the mirrors.

Many believe that the Italian marquee have gone too far with their ‘innovation’.

Unsurprisingly the team defended their design. They say that the placement of the mirror is solely aid in rear visibility and has little to nothing to do with aerodynamic gain.

Ferrari’s mirror move freed up space for improved air-flow to their sidepod while it is also believed to have had a positive aerodynamic impact on the car.

The Scuderia Ferrari team will be allowed to run the mirrors in Barcelona but it will be banned from Monaco onwards.

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