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Ferrari Have Discovered Source of Melbourne Problems

Ferrari Have Discovered Source of Melbourne Problems

A week ago, the Scuderia Ferrari team turned in a highly disappointing performance in the season opener. This was after they dominated the proceedings in pre-season testing. However, the team were practically slower than Mercedes and Red Bull.

Now, according to blogger Leo Turrini, who has close links to Ferrari, they have solved the issue. Turrini has said that, Ferrari have discovered the source of their lack of pace and are working to solve it. The Italian blogger generally has accurate information as he correctly predicted Kimi Raikkonen’s switch to Alfa Romeo long before the announcement.

“They say in Maranello that they understand it”, he wrote in his blog.

“So Mattia Binotto is still busy preparing for the race in the desert. What exactly was the problem in Australia, I don’t know either. Was something wrong with the engine? A problem with the aerodynamics or were the stars simply not aligned for Ferrari?

“What I do know is that Binotto looks relaxed and that, boys and girls, as we know, is incredibly important when tackling a problem.”


It was understandably gutting for Sebastian Vettel and Charles LeClerc to be so quick in the pre-season, but undo all that when the actual season began.

Initially, Mercedes looked like they were going to have a hard time when they had to roll out a B-spec car after testing. But still, they were unconvinced about having any pace. However, everyone knows that this is Mercedes and they are notorious for ‘sandbagging’.

Right on cue, they laid down the gauntlet in practice and were untouchable in qualifying. Come race day, they left everyone eating their dust, though it wasn’t Lewis Hamilton who won this time, but teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Now, the teams are all heading to Bahrain this weekend and hopefully, Ferrari have got to the bottom of their issues and fixed them.

Charles LeClerc

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