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Ferrari to Hire Robert Smedley?

Ferrari to Hire Robert Smedley?


Robert Smedley, who is well known in the sport for being Felipe Massa’s race engineer at the Maranello team, is rumored to be making a move to Ferrari. The Brit, who has been working with Williams, at a senior engineering position, will part ways with the team. However, his future still seems to be debatable, as he looks for the best place to continue his career.

Recently, rumors have been ripe that he could head to Ferrari. Speed Week has reported that Robert Smedley, who still has a house in Modena, could become the head of car development at the Ferrari. “I’m going on holiday there in January if that helps,” Robert Smedley said as he smiled“I would say at this moment in time I’m not closing off any options.”

However, this is not the only major change that Ferrari has been asked to make, after attracting heavy criticism for not being able tot win the 2018 season, despite having the best car in the entire Formula one roster. “If Ferrari can eliminate the internal confusion and support Vettel more, concentrate better, then they have a better chance of being a serious rival to Mercedes in 2019,” said Igor Yermilin, who is a Russian motor racing chief, in his exclusive interview with Ria Novosti.Ferrari



It has also been rumored that Jock Clear, who has been a senior performance engineer, could become Charles Leclerc’s race engineer in the next season.“I’ve recently made a longer term commitment to the team, and as such, I will use my skill-set wherever we feel that’s best,” he said.

And the news that has been been circulated of late is that, replacing Jock Clear in the more senior role could be Laurent Mekies, who is currently positioned as Charlie Whiting’s deputy race director at the FIA.

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