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Ferrari will sign Lewis Hamilton in 2020, claims Top Gear presenter

Ferrari will sign Lewis Hamilton in 2020, claims Top Gear presenter

Lewis Hamilton

Top Gear presenter, Rory Reid, sent out a cheeky tweet earlier today, claiming that Lewis Hamilton will sign for Ferrari in 2020 and give them their first drivers’ championship since 2007, when Kimi Raikkonen was the victor.

Check his tweet below:

While the claim may sound hilarious right now, it is not completely unfounded as Vettel had stated that he needed a ‘fresh’ challenge when he moved to Ferrari in 2015. In the previous year, his new teammate, Daniel Ricciardo had beat him fair and square.

Lewis Hamilton is a staunch Ferrari rival at present but his links with them also go a long way back. Before he came into F1 with McLaren in 2007, he was rumoured to have been scouted by Ferrari to be signed as a replacement for Michael Schumacher.

However, the young Brit had made a deal with Ron Dennis, the then McLaren boss and he stayed true to his word. The pair did fall out later though, which ended up with Lewis Hamilton moving to Mercedes in 2013.

His time there has been immensely successful, as he has won three world titles with them in 2014, 2015 and 2017. He has openly stated his admiration for Michael Schumacher in the past and if the opportunity does present itself, he may jump ship to emulate his hero.

Some have claimed that he is a better racer than Schumacher too. Another possible motivation for Lewis Hamilton to move to Ferrari might be Kimi Raikkonen. The Finn also raced for both McLaren and Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton idolized Kimi

He did idolize Kimi in his junior racer days and his career path might be something that he might want to follow. However, everything remains conjecture at this point as a lot of factors are involved for a bizarre move like this to take place.

First of all, Vettel would have to be outperformed by Leclerc, which is very difficult as the Monegasque will only be in his second season in F1, as opposed to Ricciardo who had a three-year stint in F1 with Toro Rosso and HRT before his Red Bull switch.



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