Sebastian Vettel

The Ferrari teams have been under the scanner for a long time. Only recently, Ferrari were absolved of any foul play in terms of ERS usage. But the FIA aren’t taking any more chances and have decided to install new software.

Now, yet another aspect of Ferrari’s 2018 car may now come under the microscope. This time, it is the DRS that has been the talk of the town.

First and foremost, the Maranello team was forced to remove ‘Halo winglets’ after Spain. Other allegations include concerns about oil consumption in the turbo. In response to the teams’ complaints, the FIA ran detailed checks on the car’s supposed ‘double battery’ system in Monaco.


Ferrari got the green light, but FIA Director Charlie Whiting said that more checks in Canada may be necessary.

Now, it seems that Red Bull is concerned that, at full speed, Ferrari’s ‘DRS’ flap in the rear wing opens more than the allowed 6.5cm.

Whether the FIA will treat the accusation seriously or with a pinch of salt is a mystery. Meanwhile, all teams are heading to Canada for the next race of the season.

Lewis Hamilton has a 14-point lead over Sebastian Vettel and is at a track where he excels at.

However, one disadvantage that Mercedes has is the dreaded hypersoft tires. They struggled with the pink-walled tires in Monaco while their rivals had no such issue.

Coming back to the Ferrari investigations, the Italian team has a bad reputation but it seems that every team is out to get them.

With allegations popping up almost every week, can the Maranello squad truly have a calm season? There is also the issue of deciding a teammate for Sebastian Vettel in 2019.

Kimi Raikkonen is hoping for an extension but other candidates include Daniel Ricciardo and one of the junior drivers.


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