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Ferrari and Mercedes Mock Red Bull-Renault ‘Relationship’

Ferrari and Mercedes Mock Red Bull-Renault ‘Relationship’

Red Bull

It is no secret that the Red Bull and Renault teams cannot stand each other at all. During their glory days where they won four championships on the trot, things were rosy. But then, that relationship slowly declined from a seamless cog to a cordial relationship to outright stabbing each other.

During the Friday pre-race press conference, exclusively for the team bosses, the question was again pitched. Attending this season were Christian Horner, Mattia Binotto, Toto Wolff and Cyril Abiteboul in that order.

First, it was Mercedes‘ Wolff who cracked the joke at Horner’s and Abiteboul’s expense, admitting “I thought Cyril and Christian were friends”. This prompted a few snickers in the room, but the jokes weren’t over yet.

Soon, it was Ferrari boss Binotto’s turn and he said, “I haven’t seen it but now I know why they sit far away from each other”.

Since its worldwide release, Netflix’s Formula One: Drive to Survive has been the talk of the town. Drivers have been quizzed on whether they have watched it and now, even the team principals.

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