Pirelli State, “Ferrari Need To Win For The Good Of F1!”

June 19, 2019 11:11 am

In the 2019 season, the standard narrative from the perspective of two of the strongest teams in the sport reads pretty simply:

Mercedes- 7, Ferrari- 0.

To that end, that Ferrari, not just a racing team but a legendary marquee in Formula 1 have failed to win (read beat Mercedes) for seven successive attempts ready very poorly. It’s the kind of bitter truth you know you cannot accept and also understand, defines you at this point in time.

In a year where Lewis Hamilton and his teammate, Valtteri Bottas have sort of reduced their competitors into being some sort of a used cannon, capable of only playing catch-up, one wonders what’s the real morale inside the red camp?

With the 2019 French Grand Prix just hours ahead of us, one cannot help but raise a simple question.

Will the Prancing Horse be anything close to prancing ahead of its arch-rivals this season, a team that’s gone on to defeat it comprehensively in the past few seasons?

Apparently, Pirelli, the tyre suppliers in Formula 1, have shared that Ferrari should win a contest or two (and maybe even more) for the sheer good of Formula 1. Here’s what Pirelli’s chief executive, Mr Marco Tronchetti shared about the ensuing troubles of one of F1’s greatest teams of all times:

“Ferrari victories in Formula 1 are good for everyone,” Mr Marco Tronchetti Provera told Italian radio, Rai.

“A Formula 1 without a competitive Ferrari loses its appeal. I know that I should be neutral, but a victorious Ferrari generates a completely different dynamic in Formula 1.

“And then I am also Italian, so a Ferrari victory is simply close to my heart.”

The above told, thoughts rewind back to the great candidness with which Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel confessed the following upon the completion of the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix:

“Everybody is a Ferrari fan. Even if they say Mercedes is the greatest team right now, they still love Ferrari.” So Seb, can you deliver something this weekend. About time, right?

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