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Ferrari Reveal More Information on the Theatrical Release for Their F1 2020 Car

Ferrari Reveal More Information on the Theatrical Release for Their F1 2020 Car

In the buildup to the 2020 Formula One season, Scuderia Ferrari drew first blood. The Maranello team became the first ones to announce the launch of their 2020 challenger.

In addition to that, they could also be the first ones to take the covers off their 2020 Formula 1 car. With a February 11th date, more details have emerged of the first 2020 F1 car launch.

Apparently, the new Scuderia  Ferrari will make a grandiose debut at the historic Romolo Valli Municipal Theatre. This famous theatre is located in the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. It is believed that the show reaches its climax at 18.30 local time on Tuesday 11 February. Meanwhile, non-local fans can follow the presentation live, as it streams on the Scuderia’s digital platforms.

Who will top this beast?

Why did Ferrari choose this location?

According to Ferrari, Reggio Emilia has a historic symbolism which made it perfect to became the venue for the 2020 car launch. As it turned out, this cirty conceived the Italian tricolour flag 223 years ago. Later on, the flag was adopted to signify a unified Italy.

That was why the Maranello outfit chose the Valli Theatre as the perfect setting to reveal Scuderia Ferrari’s latest car. It is also worth noting that the F1 car will make its official track debut at the first pre-season test. This preseason test kicks off, a week after the launch, at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit in Montmelo, Spain.

So, after Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc first lay eyes on it, the duo will get a chance to break her in, at the test. Needless to say, Scuderia Ferrari is on a mission to wrest the championship from Mercedes’ vice-like grip.

At the same time, the Italian marquee needs to keep a wary eye on Red Bull and other teams, who will be making big strides in 2020.

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