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Ferrari Say No to Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen for 2021 Drives

Ferrari Say No to Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen for 2021 Drives

With the 2021 season approaching, all eyes will be on the how all teams will line up. Some of the most coveted seats belong to Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, with half their drivers out of contract.

A lot of rumours mostly involve the Scuderia Ferrari team and who will partner Charles Leclerc. Aside from the usual suspect, Sebastian Vettel, the likes of Lewis Hamilton has been named as a favourite. However other potential recruits include Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso.

However, the Italian outfit has firmly denied such outlandish claims and remained mum. Team boss Mattia Binotto confirmed that he spoke to the veteran Spaniard and he is not a cog in their plan at all.

Meanwhile, when speaking of Max Verstappen, the reason behind his rejection was far harsher. This time, it was Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri who chipped in and issued a scathing remark.

It was clearly a reference to Max Verstappen’s tongue-in-cheek quip about an investigation into Ferrari’s power unit in 2019. He told Ziggo Sport in USA, “Oh that’s not strange. Well why do you think? You can fill it in yourself. That’s what you get when you stop cheating. This has been looked at very carefully, so of course we have to keep an eye on that.”

Predictably, he incurred the wrath of the Italian media and even Ferrari themselves were furious. Regardless of whether the allegations are true or not, nobody likes being labelled a cheat, especially in front of the media. So, hiring such a person would probably become a travesty towards them

So, if everything turns out this way, Verstappen’s only chances will be either in Mercedes or he could remain with Red Bull. Knowing Ferrari, they will not stand for a driver who will openly accuse them of any wrongdoing.

Ferrari are not gunning for them
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