The Formula One Management revealed the revenue turnover for the 2016 Formula One season earlier today. It is estimated to be $1.83 billion, including underlying revenues. 68% of the total is then distributed among all the Formula One teams. Since Manor have folded at the end of last season and Haas F1 have only completed a year in F1, the amount is distributed among the remaining nine teams. Together, the teams earned $940 million this year which is significantly lesser than last year due to new owners Liberty Media’s plans for the sport and also the number of races dropping to 20 from 21.

FIA Formula One World Championship

Ferrari earn around $180 million due to being a long-standing team and having championship constructor bonus. Mercedes and Red Bull also enjoy championship constructor bonus and earn around $171 million and $161 million respectively. McLaren are 4th in the list with Williams 5th. However, Williams enjoy a heritage bonus over the other teams. Also, when Red Bull became the first team to sign a bi-lateral agreement, they earned an extra bonus. Mercedes also matches Red Bull’s pay-check after meeting their target of 2 World Championships.

Ferrari are the highest earning team in 2016

If the revenue is distributed equally, then all teams would receive $94 million. It would also mean that Ferrari’s pay-check would be cut by $86 million and customer team Sauber (who occupy the bottom of the table) will earn $45 million extra.


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