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Ferrari are Under a Microscope for Monaco

Ferrari are Under a Microscope for Monaco


The Scuderia Ferrari team cannot seem to catch a break. Once again, they could be subjected to yet another FIA investigation ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix next weekend.

The SF71H has been pushing the boundaries of the 2018 regulations, thus falling under scrutiny by multiple teams.

The Italian team introduced a new feature in Spain, namely, HALO-mounted mirrors. However, they also added winglets to the cockpit safety device. As a result, the HALO mirrors have been banned by the FIA following team complaints.

The HALO mounted mirrors

But Ferrari are not out of the woods just yet as rival teams have asked the FIA for clarification on Ferrari’s distribution of electrical power. They have reason to suspect that the Prancing Horse are getting short, additional boosts of 20HP in qualifying.

Ferrari have been accused of periodically bypassing measuring sensors. This was in order to achieve more than the permitted limit of four megajoules.

This effect is a direct result of a deliberate manipulation of electrical resistance and battery output.

Another nail in Ferrari’s coffin is their sudden agreement to the proposed aero rule changes for 2019. They had also given their approval for the removal of the MGU-H element of the engine in 2021.

The electrical power accusation adds to a series of investigations surrounding Ferrari this season. Among the various investigations are, their floor, rear wing, Sebastian Vettel’s third paddle on his steering wheel and their smoking rear. All these elements have attracted plenty of interest from the rest of the paddock.

Ferrari drew first blood by taking victories in Australia and Bahrain, then Red Bull chipped in before Mercedes fought back. Now, the teams head to the principality of Monaco for the next race of the 2018 F1 season. But before that, the teams stayed back in Barcelona for some in-season testing.

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