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Ferrari Unveil Race Car-Inspired One-off Car

Ferrari Unveil Race Car-Inspired One-off Car

The Ferrari company has officially unveiled a one-off car inspired by one of their sports prototypes. This is history in the making as it is the first Ferrari car to be based on a racing cars instead of a road car. The new Ferrari has been officially dubbed the P80/C.

Acording to reports, the P80/C is designed and built around one specific client. The manufacturer have largely remained mum on the client’s identity. All they have revealed is that the owner “comes from a family of long-time Prancing Horse enthusiasts and admirers.”

The car itself consists of a Ferrari 488 GT3 chassis owing to an extra 50 mm of wheelbase compared to the 488 GTB. Ferrari’s explanation was that it allowed for more creative liberty. Their design used that space to make it more cab-forward, with a longer rear.


The end result is a set of large rear pillars leading back from the roof. The rear air intake behind the doors also gives off a Dino-esque vibe. The T-wing aero is inspired by the 2017 Formula 1 cars and according to the company, it offers “strong recompression of the flow rearwards, reinforcing the downforce generated by the tail and the wing.”

It is reported that the P80/C is solely a track car which could help Ferrari do away with “components that would be deemed vital in a road car”. So, instead of headlights, knife-edge lamps have been incorporated into the corners. Ferrari also stated that they and the taillights were designed in a way to resemble the 330 P3/P4’s air intakes.

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Interestingly, the mysterious client requested a dual/purpose set up. A racing setup, complete with a big carbon wing and 18-inch center-lock wheels. The other is an exhibition package that swaps the 18s for 21s and removes the “aerodynamic appendages.”

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