FIA Further Tightens Grip Over Suspected Ferrari F1 Engine, Seeks Information of Teams’ Oil

November 15, 2019 4:09 pm

Following the recent technical directive after complaints against Ferrari, the FIA seem to be taking things very seriously. As it turns out, all 10 Formula One teams have been ordered to hand over any information on the use of lubricants in their engines. Apparently, the FIA are trying to keep an eye on any potential use of oil being burned for performance gains.

Prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, a technical directive was issued, which frowned upon burning liquid to improve performance. So, team have been compelled to send details like the designation, specification and quantity of lubricants.

The idea is that the information provided, will give the FIA a reference when checking for lubricant use in the future. Contrary to popular belief, this move is not targeted any specific manufacturer or team. However, it is leading rival teams to believe that Ferrari in particular, may come under the scanner.

According to an Autosport report, the FIA was approached by a one team when Ferrari’s rivals wanted clarification on the Italian team gaining a power boost in qualifying.

So what’s going on in the back of the Ferrari?

Some suspected that a leak from the intercooler allows a small amount of oil vapour to merge with the engine’s combustion process.

It is noteworthy that the F1 technical regulations declare that cooling systems must not “intentionally make use of the latent heat of vaporisation of any fluid with the exception of fuel for the normal purpose of combustion in the engine”.

Speaking to Autosport about the technical directives, outspoken Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen said: “Yeah, it’s good. The FIA is definitely on top of it and it’s now very clear for everyone what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.”

“In general, it’s always good that the FIA is on top of everything. But it’s very complex regulations with everything.”

“So it’s not the easiest job to be on top of everything straight away, because it’s a lot of rules.”

Dhruv George

Dhruv George is an author for the Formula One and NASCAR division of EssentiallySports. He is a life-long F1 and MotoGP fan, developing a liking for McLaren and Carlos Sainz Jr, and recently began to follow NASCAR. He graduated from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, with a PG Diploma in Journalism and now lives in Trivandrum.

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