FIA Hoping to Implement Standard Parts in F1

March 8, 2019 11:43 pm

The FIA is now planning to introduce standard parts for the 2021 F1 season. Their eagerness comes in the wake of the World Motor Sport Council’s decision to approve the move.

Last month, interested parties were given the green light to bid on supplying a standard gearbox. This standardised gearbox would then be used by all 10 F1 teams from 2021 onwards, at least until 2024.

According to an FIA statement, “The council approved the launch of a series of tenders within the context of the ongoing development of the 2021 Technical Regulations”.

The FIA has been coordinating with the F1 organisation to formulate the 2021 F1 package. One of the main ideas is to reduce costs and at the same time, try to bunch up the field.

“We need to close up the differential between the car in terms of overall performance,” said F1 boss Ross Brawn, speaking to

“We’ve got a division one and division two at the moment, and we need to stop that. We need to have a much closer performance gap between the teams, and the cost control will be part of that, the regulations that are evolving will be part of that.”

“Removing a number of elements from the cars which don’t engage the fans – there’s technology that should be exciting and fascinating for the fans, yet every team builds its own fire extinguisher because they want to try and make their fire extinguisher a bit lighter than somebody else’s fire extinguisher.”

While all this is happening, the 2019 F1 season is almost upon us. In just a week’s time, Formula One fans from around the world will be ending their hibernation. As far as the pecking order goes, nobody knows who will be top dog until Australia is done and dusted.

The FIA are hoping to sort out the issue of standard parts very soon
Dhruv George

Dhruv George is an author for the Formula One and NASCAR division of EssentiallySports. He is a life-long F1 and MotoGP fan, developing a liking for McLaren and Carlos Sainz Jr, and recently began to follow NASCAR. He graduated from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, with a PG Diploma in Journalism and now lives in Trivandrum.

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