FIA Launches Tender For A Standard Fuel System Elements


In a year where there’s hardly been any dearth of race wins for Mercedes with Red Bull and Ferrari doing the usual- play catch-up- what’s it that the FIA have got for us in terms of anticipating the future and the set-up of the sport?

Why change is necessary?

Among the many developments that often take place in the midst of a season in a sport ever accepting of changes, a standards parts tender has been launched by FIA. Now the question is what does this do?

What’s the tender exactly about?

The tender launched by the FIA happens to be an effort that is being carried out to push for standard Formula 1 components from 2021.

This tender is for key elements of the fuel system. However, that said, earlier invitations were sent for the supply for several key attributes such as gearbox cassettes, wheel rims, brake friction material and brake system components.

The deadline set by the FIA

Now since every tender has a deadline, one wonders what is the kind of deadline that the FIA has set for the standard. Is it a stringent one or is it something that one needs to comply with?

Let’s understand.

Not only is the coming period of a month vital for the applicants but also the exact period a month that comes later.

So the deadline for submissions of the latest tender is June 15. The decision for the same would be made exactly a month later, that’s July 15.

This, it must be reminded, isn’t the first time that a tender was issued. The initial tender comes after earlier invitations were in regards to the supply of gearbox cassettes, wheel rims, brake friction material and brake system components.

Something worth noting about the latest tender

Here’s an interesting point, as one might say. While the initial tender, however, covered 2021 to the 2024 seasons, the FIA says it may add 2025 as well.

That’s not all. It also goes on to add that the bidders should submit at least two bids with the second taking into account the possibility of the extra year that is being added.

That being said, it’s worthwhile to mention that the FIA will want to do its best to make the 2021 season and the time that’s 2020 onward as interesting and arresting as it possibly can and hence, moves such as this.