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FIA searching for new F1 Team for 2016

FIA searching for new F1 Team for 2016

The FIA has opened the tender process for a new team to join the F1 grid from next season if possible.

FIA quoted “due regard for the sustainability and future success of the Formula 1 World Championship”, the sport’s governing body is looking for a new team to enter the championship at either the start of the 2016 or 2017 season.

Candidates must approach the FIA by June 30 after which a more detailed selection criteria will be sent to the applicants with full applications due by September 1. Final decision on the applicants will be taken by September 30.

The FIA said it would assess:

  • The technical ability and resources of the team.
  • The ability of the team to raise and maintain sufficient funding to allow participation in the championship at a competitive level.
  • The team’s experience and human resources.
  • The value the candidate may bring to the championship as a whole.

The sustainability of the grid has been a matter of discussion since the demise of Caterham and Marussia last winter. Though Marussia is a part of the grid with new team owners Manor.



In the next season, Haas F1 will be the 11th team to compete which was given the tender in 2013-14 selection procedure.

The new team will have almost six months to set up their team and car to join the tarmac.


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