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FIA unfazed by Suspicions About Ferrari Engine

FIA unfazed by Suspicions About Ferrari Engine


Ferrari were rocked earlier today with the news of long-time chief, Sergio Marchionne passing away. However, they’ll be spared more bad news on track as the FIA stated that they were ‘satisfied’ with their engine.

A sudden surge of power in the Ferrari engine, which resulted in the increased performance of the Haas and Sauber, it’s customers, led to some of their rivals questioning the legality of their engine.

The FIA took heed of this and monitored the Ferrari engine, but have declared that they found nothing untoward in it. Race director, Charlie Whiting said, “We are entirely satisfied with everything on that front, as we said in Monaco.”

“Some teams have been asking further questions and we were just there to try and help them have some peace, if you like.”

Whiting had no doubts about the Ferrari engine. Source: FIA

During the German GP weekend, Whiting and some other members of the FIA met with the Mercedes team at their motorhome, which led to speculation that Mercedes were not entirely happy with Ferrari.

When asked about it, Whiting refused to reveal what actually took place. “Again, those discussions are private. I don’t think I should be telling you”, he said.

“If you want to talk to Mercedes, they’ll tell you but I think what goes on behind closed doors should remain behind closed doors.”

Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff downplayed the magnanimity of the whole thing. “The exchange you’re having with the FIA and some of the other teams, or engine manufacturers, is on a regular basis”, he said.

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“It’s more visible if you do it on a weekend, on track, in the motorhome, but it’s completely regular business to discuss various technical topics.”

Renault, who are the only other engine manufacturer on the grid, apart from Mercedes and Ferrari, admitted that extra power didn’t exactly translate to some wrongdoing by Ferrari.

“We see that Ferrari has taken the upper hand, so congratulations to Ferrari in that battle. The step that they have done is amazing. But doing something strange doesn’t mean that it’s illegal”, said their boss, Cyril Abiteboul.

“We must give credit to what they have done, and that should be an extra commitment to work harder and try and do the same step on our side.”

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