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FIFA 21: EA Criticized for Getting Celebs Like Dua Lipa Right but Not All the Players

FIFA 21: EA Criticized for Getting Celebs Like Dua Lipa Right but Not All the Players

EA Sports came out with FIFA 21 a few weeks back, and it is already a contender for the best entry in the long-running franchise.

The game looks absolutely phenomenal at a first glance. EA has done its fair share of homework to make the most of the new hardware before the game releases for the new consoles on December 4. Moreover, several updates are still rolling out to make the experience even grander for the players.

For sure, EA has worked hard to give the players a more lifelike perspective in the game. Their movements, facial features, and even celebrations are better than ever. The new update will add a few celebrity faces to the game, including pop star Dua Lipa, F1 legend Lewis Hamilton, and several others.

While these celebrities look immaculate, some football stars in the game look virtually disoriented which has brought the fans’ wrath down on EA.

EA adds celebrities to FIFA 21 but forgets to build on football stars

EA recently rolled out Title Update 5 for FIFA 21, which comprises the faces of several renowned celebrities that will be added to the game. Among others mentioned earlier, legendary soccer player David Beckham will also make his way into the game.

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Several NBA stars also make their way to the Volta mode of the new title, which was introduced only last year. NBA stars such as Joel Embiid, and the Greek Freak himself, Giannis Antetokounmpo will be among those names.

However, the fans who have been able to grab the latest title, also point to several loopholes. Many football stars like Reece James, Mason Greenwood, and Martin Odegaard have just received generic scans.

This is in stark contrast to Dua Lipa’s character in the game that looks absolutely spotless. The community feels that football stars should be EA’s priority.

While the community is aware of the contents of the update, the exact date of arrival of these celebrities remains unclear. This leaves enough time for the devs to put an end to the loopholes before the title comes around for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X.

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