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Find Out Which Keyboard Every Fortnite Pro Is Using

Find Out Which Keyboard Every Fortnite Pro Is Using

Fortnite battle royale is perhaps the most competitive game out there. Whether a player is planning to go pro or just play casually, comprehensive knowledge of keybinds is essential. 

Similarly, it is not easy for the console players either. Controller players need to adapt to aim-assist as well as complicated build techniques. It is much easier to build on KBM than on a controller.

This has made several pro players refuel the age-old debate about Controller vs. Keyboard and Mouse in Fortnite. While the majority vote for KBM, in recent times, controller players are taking over. 

Professional players tend to gravitate towards KBM more often. However, some pros would argue that a player needs to be equally proficient with a controller. Moreover, there are always wagers going on about who is better. 

Why KBM players have an advantage in Fortnite 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0nElIJ8zq0]

Pros like Clix, Unknown, Bizzle, ZexRow, Zayt, Avery, Bugha, and Stretch have their opinions about KBM Vs. Controller. However, when it comes to choosing their favorite device, most would go with KBM. 

The keyboard and Mouse offer greater scope to players. Here keybinds can be sorted in a way that becomes a natural motion, more instinctive. To minimize any sort of strain, players tend to choose their specific keyboards.

itsJerian made a video reviewing once such keyboard which several pros have shifted to. Jonathan “yung calculator” Weber, Blaž “K1nzell” Lešnik, Christian “Snood” Hastie all these players use this keyboard. The new Razer Huntsman mini is one of the keyboards that are quite helpful for Fortnite players.

The keyboard sells at $120, and it might be expensive, but it is absolutely worth the money. The mini size of the keyboard allows players to access their keybinds quicker. It stands as a stark comparison in front of the Apex Pro SteelSeries gaming keyboard.

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Why is it essential to have a proper keyboard?

The Razer Huntsman mini has a reintegrated switch design that makes it faster than mechanical keyboards. It is extremely necessary to have a good keyboard for three main reasons.

Firstly, players need to factor in latency, not just for servers, but also for their devices. Having a good keyboard will eliminate one of the factors for a game getting griefed. 

Secondly, a smaller sized keyboard offers more space for different keybinds. This helps with quick-building and editing, which is quintessential in Fortnite. 

Finally, an exemplary hardware device can make the difference in a tournament where players are equipped with expensive devices.

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