“Find Solutions To Distribute Wealth” – John Millman Hits At Inequality In Tennis

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John Millman has been going all out in his support for the lower-ranked tennis players who form the backbone of the sport. Sadly they are the first ones to be swept under the rug whenever travesty occurs. The recent Coronavirus crisis has been a telling example of the same.

This pandemic has been particularly hard on these players who are struggling to make ends meet. The ATP and the WTA have come together to give shape to a player relief fund. However, despite receiving widespread support, there are some players like Dominic Thiem who have opposed the idea.

John Millman rightly pointed out that this is not a short term problem that the lower-ranked players face. In fact, this was life on the road for them. He also proposed some ideas which could help in alleviating these concerns.

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What did John Millman say?

Millman responded to a tweet by world number 200, Ilya Marchenko. The Ukrainian had suggested that the charity thing was just a band-aid solution and the deeper problem was the glaring inequality in tennis.

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The Australian expressed his full agreement. He believes that a greater degree of equitable distribution of wealth was required in order to make the wheels run smoothly. The harsh reality is that while the top tennis stars are subject to the most luxurious lives imaginable, those on the bottom rung have to work their way up to every little piece of payment they can secure.

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Dustin Brown had also come out with his story recently where he revealed how he had no proper financial security through tennis. For John Millman, this crisis should be a time for all to reflect upon a problem that has been ignored for far too often. Tennis needs to fulfill its responsibility towards those who give it their all and get bread crumbs in return.

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