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Insane Roger Federer Returns of Serve

Insane Roger Federer Returns of Serve

After not playing the clay season for 3 years, Roger Federer is back on the crushed red bricks. Safe to say, the world is excited to witness the return of the 2009 French Open Champion and probably wait for another Fedal on clay. It’ll be interesting to see how Roger adapts his game again to the clay, he’ll need his full arsenal of shots to pose a challenge. His return of serve- one of the most underrated aspects of his game needs to be on top of his game if he wants to gain some serious points before heading to Wimbledon. Here we look at some of his best moments on the court while returning his opponent

Leaving an opponent as agile as Murray dumbfounded certainly needs some special skill. And Federer proves why he is the best at it with this sick return of serve


Raonic really had his feet tangled out there, all because of a slice of genius from Federer. What an absolute treat to the eyes to watch Federer play in such fashion

Even the world No.1 Novak Djokovic couldn’t keep his composure when the Swiss approached the net for his signature ‘Sneak Attack By Roger’ (SABR). As unsuspected as he can get, while the opponent is in his service motion, Federer slyly moves towards the net and pounces on the second serve, giving his opponent lesser reaction time. Certainly takes some level of genius to innovate a move of this sort, and courage to go ahead and execute it


Raonic is easily one of the best servers around right now. Constantly producing 200 kmph serves, his is one of the toughest serves to break. And yet, Federer somehow manages to reduce his serve to a mere drop shot, all using a slice. Just stand and clap in appreciation.



Once again, Nishikori bears the brunt of the maestro’s genius. In what seemed to be an obvious looking slice return to the backcourt, Nishikori seemed all set to make it to the ball. But Federer responds in typical Federer fashion, positioning the ball such that it left Nishikori gaping at the end. We need to bow down to you, sir.

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