Injuries have been the root cause of ending multiple careers in most of the sports, and tennis has been no exception. The following players have probably deserved more than what they have right now and probably could have written more chapters, in the textbook of tennis history had they been given an injury free career.


Robin Soderling remains to be the only player to have defeated Rafael Nadal in the french open. His career has plurobin soderlingmmeted due to injuries, and after reaching as high as world number four, he was absent form the tour for more than three years. He was set to return in the year 2015, but later announced retirement from international tennis as he battled glandular fever for over four years. He won in the 2011 Swedish Open before being diagnosed with glandular fever –that meant that the final, where he defeated David Ferrer, was to be the last tour match of his career.


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