The 2nd of the two winter tests ended this Friday. A lot of data crunching and testing for the teams before they head to Australia in two weeks. Here are a few things we can take away from the test.

1. Ferrari tops the time-sheets, but Mercedes still the favorites

2. Disastrous start for McLaren

3. Williams likely to lead the midfield

Lance Stroll at the Autosport International Exhibition.
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.

The top three teams seem to be a light-year ahead from the rest of the pack. The gap might be more than a second. But we can only be sure in Australia. The team that looks likely to lead the mid-pack seems to be the Williams.

After a couple of spins in the first test, Lance Stroll had a good week in the 2nd test. He got a lot of time in the car. Carrying out a lot of race simulations, and completing the entire race distance for the first time on Thursday would’ve given him a lot of confidence.

Felipe Massa seems to be very quick. Rob Smedley says that the 2017 car suits Massa’s driving style perfectly. His lap times very pretty quick and he looked quite confident with the car. Williams will most likely be the team in 4th place followed closely by Force India and Toro Rosso.

4. The new tyres will last forever

5. The cars are quicker than expected


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