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Five Youngsters Who Never Reached Their Potential

Five Youngsters Who Never Reached Their Potential

There is plenty of talent out there, but some make it big and stay at the top while others fail to live upto the expectations. The world has witnessed the talents of Cristiano Ronaldo , Lionel Messi , Ricardo Kaka and many more thanks to the talent and the hard work put in by these players throughout their career. They turned themselves from a youth prospect to a big star but there are many who failed to live upto the hype. Let’s look at some of those names who took the world by storm but failed to make an impact.

5. Anderson 


The Brazilian midfielder was named the next Ricardo Kaka by many, and there was a reason why Sir Alex spent a good 20 million for the then 19 year old lad. Anderson became one of the top young talents at Porto and United grabbed him without a second thought. The Brazilian midfielder won enough trophies at the Manchester based club including a Champions League title and 4 league titles during his 8 years at the Manchester based club but failed to live upto the expectation. The Brazilian’s growth was halted by an injury during hi third season at the club. The Brazilian scored only 5 goals in his 105 appearances for the club and the once future “Kaka” is now back to his homeland playing for Internacional where he has bagged a goal in 45 appearances so far.

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