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Flavio Briatore Slams Red Bull for Alonso Criticism

Flavio Briatore Slams Red Bull for Alonso Criticism

Fernando Alonso

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is not a particularly big fan of Fernando Alonso. He believes that Alonso tended to cause ‘chaos’ in every team that he was racing in. However, Alonso’s former team boss, Flavio Briatore hit back at Horner and fired some shots of his own. The former Renault boss said that Red Bull were no saints themselves, especially in terms of driver management.

So far, Red Bull are still debating their full 2020 line up to find out who will partner Max Verstappen. This actually raised questions about Alonso being an outside choice for the seat. However, Red Bull insist that they are keeping their choice more localised, in other words, between Alex Albon, Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat.

Horner further rubbed salt on the wound saying, “Fernando tends to cause chaos wherever he goes. I am not sure that it is the healthiest thing for the team for him to join us.”

Unfortunately, that comment rubbed Briatore the wrong way and he responded to criticism of the Spanish driver.

“I have heard that Horner speaks negatively of Alonso and I think it is remarkable,” he told Radio Sportiva, via AS.

“I can’t stand that someone like Horner speak badly of someone like Fernando.” he added, “Red Bull does not take the prize for the best management of drivers.”

However, some may say that the Italian was biased as he was Alonso’s boss during their title-winning days at Renault. It was also note-worthy that Briatore is a part of Alonso’s management team. He insisted that Alonso is “not only a good driver, but also a true team player.”

Funnily enough, when speaking about Alonso’s criticism of Honda, he believes that McLaren and Honda just didn’t work.

“They just didn’t fit, they are things that can happen,” he concluded.

Flavio Briatore and Fernando Alonso
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