Following Ninja and Shroud, SypherPK Re-Signs an Exclusive Deal with Twitch

November 11, 2020 1:19 am

SypherPK is one of the biggest streamers in the community. Right from his early days of playing Runescape to becoming one of the biggest Fortnite streamers in the world, his journey has been phenomenal. Now, in an announcement on Twitter, Sypher has revealed that he has re-signed an exclusive deal with Twitch.

SypherPK took to Twitter to make this announcement through a video. It showcased his journey of streaming through the years and how he grew on the platform over the years. His rise to the top has been amazing, and the video showcased that perfectly.

“Today, I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially re-signed to stream exclusively on I’m excited to do amazing things with our community, I’ll see you guys on stream.”

SypherPk follows Ninja and Shroud to sign exclusive deal with Twitch

This announcement comes at a time when two of the biggest streamers in the world i.e. Ninja and Shroud returned to Twitch exclusively. Both were looking for a platform to stream on after the Mixer shutdown. Considering both already had a massive fan-base on Twitch, it was only natural that they returned to the platform. They are also among the most followed creators on Twitch, so they literally had to pick up where they left off.

With a streamer like Sypher re-signing with Twitch, it only strengthens the platform’s position even further. He is one of the biggest content creators for Fortnite and also has a loyal fan-base. In addition to this, he is also a YouTube creator, but he doesn’t stream on YouTube.

In an exclusive interview with EssentiallySports, Sypher mentioned how he was introduced to the world of streaming. A lot of the Runescape content creators inspired him to take up streaming, but his biggest motivation was TimTheTatman.

“I tuned into TimTheTatman, he was playing Call of Duty Black Ops. He had 500 viewers, and he had really long hair at the time. This is before he cut off all his hair. And he was basically telling the chat that he today he quit his job and he’s going to stream full time, and I actually tuned in, right when he made that announcement, many many years ago, and I thought that was really cool. And that, you know, kind of got me to start thinking about streaming.”

Sypher definitely has some big things planned for the future which will come to light soon enough.

Akshay Patel

Akshay Patel is a Gaming and Esports author at EssentiallySports. He comes from the world of social media and content creation, where he eventually found his solace in writing about games. When he's not gaming, he spends his time watching football and wondering why he still supports Manchester United.

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