Following xQc, 3 Other Twitch Streamers Receive Bans After Twitch Rivals Fiasco, Tfue Fined

November 20, 2020 6:49 pm

Things have certainly gone downhill for several Twitch streamers following GlitchCon 2020. Popular streamer xQc was guilty of violating the conduct rules; accordingly, Twitch handed him a six months ban from events, and a seven-day Twitch ban. While the community was still recovering from the news, Twitch extended the ban to three other streamers.

Twitch Rivals, on Twitter, informed the community that Liquid Mendo, Nightblue3, GrandPooBear and Tfue also violated its conduct rules. As a result, every streamer except Tfue will face consequences identical to those of xQc.

Tfue, on the flip side, will have to give up his prize winnings from the GlitchCon event.

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Following the official announcement, all the banned streamers have reacted differently.

Liquid Mendo apologized to the fans for his actions and accepted his unprofessional behavior, “I didn’t uphold the competitive integrity I was expected to uphold as a participant, and I’m sorry to Twitch and to everyone involved in the tournament.

GrandPooBear looked towards the brighter side because he would have gotten a DMCA strike for an Age of Calamity clip anyway.

Similarly, Nightblue3 apologized for his actions and understood it was wrong.

“The bean game wins this time gents, we turn the heat to maximum hyper overdrive after the 7 day suspension.”

Last, but not least, xQc is eagerly waiting for his return. Recently, the former Overwatch pro posted some pictures that clearly hinted at his boredom, but in a hilarious fashion.

Similar to xQc, Tfue’s fans come to his defense

Apparently, popular streamer Tfue was aware of the actions of his teammates, but he did not inform the administration of the same. As a result, he has to forfeit all of his earnings from the event.

However,  the decision has disappointed Tfue’s fans around the world because thousands of people were watching xQc while he was stream-sniping at GlitchCon. Twitch admins would know about the incident regardless, hence, Tfue’s fans believe the streamer should face no consequences.

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The recent developments not only prove Twitch’s firm stance but instruct the streamers to adhere to its policies. As for the fans, they expect that their favorites do not commit such blunders in the future.

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