Football came to a Standstill as Andre Gomes Suffered a Horrific Injury against Spurs

November 4, 2019 6:02 pm

Football came to a standstill at Goodsion Park on Thursday when Andre Gomes was lying down in a visibly agonizing condition, in extreme misery of absolute pain.

The severity of the injury was visible from Son’s reaction. Absolutely distraught, he was for he had caught a glimpse of what happened to Gomes’ leg. At that moment, if Son would have been granted a wish, he would have asked to undo what was done a few seconds back. If only!

It was something you do not want to see on a football ground. Son was shown a red card, but it hardly mattered. What mattered was the thing that was not meant to have happened.

Martin Atkinson, who had officiated over 400 Premier League matches, did not know where to look, for his duty would only tell him to clear the field and start the play. Yet the game stood for a considerable period of time.

Close to 40,000 people at the stadium, irrespective of the jersey they were wearing, wanted to see Gomes get up, for this was not Andre Gomes- an Everton player, but Andre Gomes- a football player, and more importantly, a fellow individual.

Everton confirmed that the leg was indeed fractured, and Silva gave some insight into the dressing room feelings afterwards.

“It was a really tough moment for us, forgetting the game and result,” Silva said in his post-match press conference. “Andre will have all the support he needs from us.

“It is a serious injury and I am 100 per cent sure Andre will become stronger as a footballer player and stronger as a man, he is a fantastic lad and professional and all the support he needs, he will have from us.

“Our players are sad now, it is a tough moment in our dressing room, but the spirit we showed after that moment was good. It was the toughest moment for us this season.”

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