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Football Disasters in History That Shook the Sport

Football Disasters in History That Shook the Sport

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Often referred to as the most watched sport in the world, football is played and watched by billions of people from around the globe. It is a game which brings different cultures and fans together and even enemies get along while playing or cheering for their favourite team. Such is the beauty of this game but unfortunately every good has some bad and so does football. This game has sometimes been harsh on the fans and caused thousands of casualties. Be it a stadium disaster because of it being old or a football disaster due to hooliganism being the consequence of some deficient or scantily prepared security measures it has always been the fans inside the stadium who had to suffer. The following are the 5 worst football disasters which have taken place in the history of the sport.

Worst Football Disasters

5) The Guatemala disaster

Venue: Estadio Mateo Flores, Guatemala.

Date: 16th October, 1996.

Death toll: 84

The spectators were in the stadium for a World Cup qualifier between Guatemala and Costa Rica. According to the reports the arena was already filled with an audience exceeding its capacity of 45000 people and due to this reason it resulted into a stampede and people died because of asphyxiation. 84 people died and around 147 people were injured due to the stampede and the entire stadium was in complete disarray.

According to FIFA, the rout took place because ticket forgery created an inundation of people trying to get inside the stadium. Contrary to that, a Guatemala talking head claimed that a brawl had taken place inside the stadium and people trying to escape it resulted in the stampede. Regardless of what the cause was, it was one of the worst football disasters.

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