Tennis has always witnessed huge drama and applause from the crowds in the stands. Players have either been motivated or displeased by the fans’ calls and interactions. Even in a sport considered one of the most respected in the world, sometimes things get out of hand.

But even off the pitch, the players have been filled with frustration because of poor planning and bad organization. After being cornered by tennis players and almost boycotted due to many problems, the Napoli Cup continues to be suffering for fans and players.


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Angry tennis fans disrupt a match with boos and bad calls

Tennis crowds have often been very disrespectful, ranging from annoying and loud calls to being wild sometimes. At a recent event at Napoli, a group of fans booed and distorted an ongoing match. The crazy event had a silver lining. The online community of tennis fans united together to call out the improper behavior of fans in the stands.

Fans were quick to point out the hostility of the Italian crowd. Many have witnessed the anger and name-calling of the fans from the stands.

The majority of the online tennis community was disappointed by the shouts and screams from the crowd.

The ATP Cup event has so far failed to be hugely successful after the event suffered a series of blatant setbacks and advertising problems.

Fans spread all over the internet united to call out the rash behavior of fans at the stands. One such fan wrote, “This is football fans who go to watch tennis cause it makes them feel cool, happens in Rome as well.”

Some users of the online tennis community quickly compared the crowd in the stands with Argentinians.

Italian users pointed out their expectations and their insights on the post. One such user said, ” What a shame But where do they think they are?”

The uneasy fans on the court did not let themselves, and the players enjoy the match. Sadness and disappointment soon fill the air of the event. Any event is successful if the audience and players spend a mesmerizing time together.


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Baez pays tribute to a legendary player

Argentina’s Sebastian Baez ended his losing streak with a 7-5, 7-6 (3) win over Italy’s Lorenzo Sonego to reach the last 16 of the Naples Cup.


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Baez celebrated wearing Maradona’s 1986 World Cup-winning shirt. The No. 6 is through to the second round but must wait a week in Naples to find its next opponent due to scheduling and pitch quality issues.

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