RCD Espanyol Pay Tribute to Spanish Health Services with a Beautiful Gesture

March 17, 2020 3:02 am

The coronavirus pandemic has got the entire world in a huge panic, with China, Italy and Spain being the worst hit. In Spain, the RCD Espanyol team performed a beautiful gesture for the Spanish health services.

A huge number of citizens gathered together over the last two nights to honour the health services department. At this stage of the crisis, the authorities are redoubling their efforts to administer the best care for the victims.

Meanwhile, RCD Espanyol is also eager to join this initiative and do their part for the Spanish people. So, from 16th March, the RCDE Stadium facade will light up in white. The idea is to recognise the effort, work and sacrifice of all the health personnel.

The lights will remain on throughout the entire week as they authorities. The Blue and Whites’ club, urged all their fans to stay home safe and sound in order to minimise the risk of contracting the disease. They also advised people to follow the instructions of the various authorities to stay indoors and maintain good hygiene.

The country also embraced the feeling of unity when loud cheers reverberated in all the cities. Furthermore, the citizens hung white sheets, towels or rags on their windows and terraces as a sign of solidarity.

RCD Espanyol and its brilliant tribute

Apparently, the Italians Inspired Espanyol to undertake this initiative to show appreciation and affection to all health workers. Another objective is to inspire encouragement in society at a time when all citizens must remain confined to their homes to prevent the spread of infections.

However, it is note-worthy that the La Liga side faced off against Premier League side, Wolves. According to Albert Baites, Wolves Supporters Club chairman, some Wolves fans tried to sell their tickets in a last-minute panic. Clearly, they did not want to risk their health, and they are afraid.

He said, “I would certainly not risk it, I would not risk my family at all. I think we are being fed information dampened down, and we’re not being told how serious this is. I think they should cancel the game, I don’t understand why they haven’t to be honest.”

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