Football trophies won by cities

October 7, 2015 12:44 am

Each city has at least one football club that plays in that country’s professional football set up. So here are the top 2 cities from each of the 5 traditional football powerhouse countries of England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with the most trophies in top-flight football.

The order of the cities shown , are in descending order of the UEFA coefficient of that country, followed by an ascending order of the trophies won.



Club: Olympique de Marseille
Total Trophies: 26

Marsaille has one widely supported professional football club, which has the most number of trophies by any french club, along with PSG. Olympique de Marseille

Marseille are the only french club to have won the Champions League and currently have won the most number of French Cups. However, with the domination shown by PSG, its not likely they may be winning any time soon in the next few seasons.


Teams: Paris-Saint Germain F.C. , Club Français , Olympique de Paris, Club athlétique des Sports généraux , Red Star FC, Racing Paris

Total Trophies: 41 trophies

Some of the clubs mentioned have folded but have won the French Cup or several of them. Currently the dominating Parisan club is PSG, which have won 26 trophies and are the current holders of the French League, French Cup, French League Cup and French Super Cup.

Apart from Red Star FC who also have won a Ligue 1, rest of the Paris Clubs have won the French Cup only. PSG is also the only French Team apart from Marsaille to have won a European Trophy, having won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup.



Teams: Juventus FC and Torinio FC

Trophies: 71

Juventus have been one of the most successful clubs in the 20th Cenutry amd their haul of 31 league titles is second to Real Madrid’s 32 in the top 5 European leagues. However, their luck in Europe has not been as fortunate, as they have lost 6 of their 8 UEFA Champions League finals.

Torinio were once one of the most powerful clubs in Italy, with most of the Italian team in the 1940s which however suffered heavily following a plane crash that killed most of their famous squad and they spent their time alternating in the first and second divisions.Recently they survived bankruptcy and have broken into the Serie A, looking to re-establish themselves in the top Domestic League of Ital.y


Teams: AC Milan and Inter Milan
Trophies:  86

The Two Milanese teams have won a total of 86 trophies, with 47 coming from AC Milan and 39 from Inter Milan. Between them, the city has won a record 10 UEFA Champions Leagues and 36 Serie A titles.

Both teams in the first decade of the 21st Century were European powerhouses but have fallen on tough times, but are on the road to recovery, to once again challenge for Italian and European glory.



Teams: Liverpool FC and Everton FC
Trophies: 83

The distance between the cities of Manchester and Liverpool is small at 35miles. Liverpool’s clubs have won 83 trophies in football (to 79 won by the clubs in Manchester), ensuring both cities have a tight competition in football.

Most of the trophies have been won by Liverpool who are the most successful English Team in Europe and in the late 70s and early 80s, one of the finest teams to have ever played the game. The city’s teams were the powerhouses of English football in the 70s and 80s, although both have struggled to regularly challenge for trophies since the Premier League era kicked in.

Liverpool still have 59 trophies, stand 2nd on the all time list of trophies won by English Clubs (behind Manchester United at 62) and Everton have 24 to their name. Between them, they have 27 league titles for the city, the most by any English City.


Teams: Arsenal FC , Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspurs, West Ham United, Millwall, Crystal Palace, QPR, Fullham, Wanderers F.C. , Charlton Athletic

Trophies:  109

Most of the trophies won by the football clubs in London come from Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham. These clubs have been the powerhouses in the premier league era and Chelsea have also tasted European success.

The other teams have all won a trophy here and there, primarily the FA Cup. Wanderers FC are an amateur club that has 5 FA Cup trophies to its name, While West Ham United and Fulham are some of the few European teams to have won a UEFA trophy, while never having won their top-flight domestic league before.



Teams: Borussia Dortmund
Trophies: 19

Recently, after a period of struggle Dortmund re-established themselves as one of the German powerhouses, and the only team for a few years that was capable of taking on FC Bayern.

They are one of the 3 German clubs to have won the Champions League having done so in 1997. The early 21st Century saw them nearly go bankrupt, just to be saved by rivals Bayern Munich who provided financial aid, as the team rebuilt itself, their success going hand in hand with their amazing set of supporters.

Coming on the back of a disastrous 2014/15 season, they will be hoping to overcome their mid-season hiccup so far and make it a successful 2015/16 after a brilliant start to their season.



Teams: 1860 Munich and FC Bayern Munich
Trophies: 66

The dominance Bayern have shown in the German football league is unrivaled. They have won 63 trophies, with Dortmund having 19 languishing in second. Half the time, the German league is a one-horse race for them.

They have been a powerhouse in Europe with 5 Champions League trophies to their name and will be looking to add more trophies to their name, especially given their solid start to the 2015/16 season, making them the best team in Europe by far.

Bayern’s city rivals, 1860 Munich, while mostly having spent time in the second division have won 3 trophies to their name increasing their city’s trophy haul to 66.



Teams: Espanyol and FC Barcelona
Trophies: 89

FC Barcelona have won the most trophies of any team in the top 5 European Countries with 85. They are the only team to have won the treble twice, and could be the first team in history to win once sextuple and two quintuples (if they win the 2015 FIFA Club world cup).  The Catalans have won the most European trophies as a club in the 21st century and are the leading team in Copa Del Rey’s, Spanish Super Cups.

Their rivals Espanyol have always been in their shadow but have enjoyed a few triumphs having won 4 Copa Del Reys. However, they really are not a team to have a shot at a trophy, given that Real and FC Barcelona are the favorites for any trophy in Spain.


Teams: Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid
Trophies : 109

Real Madrid have been the most iconic club in World Football with the finest players all playing for the Los Blancos. They have the second highest number of trophies, with 80 in clubs in the top 5 European Leagues.  It seems both Barcelona and Real Madrid are locked in an eternal quest to be the greatest in Spain.

Their main city rivals, Atheltico Madrid have sometimes proven to be a thorn in the side of the Giants of Spain and recently re-established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, having won their 10th La Liga and reaching the Champions League final in 2014. That to, on a much much much smaller budget than Real Madrid.


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