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I will Not Give Lewis Hamilton a Bike – Toto Wolff

I will Not Give Lewis Hamilton a Bike – Toto Wolff

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff was left surprised when he found out world champion, Lewis Hamilton was testing motorbikes.

Wolff revealed he was unaware Hamilton was testing a Yamaha R4 on December 1st at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit alongside Michael Van de Mark and Alex Lowes, both IWATA centaur Superbike instructors.

The Englishman was enthusiastic following the tests and admitted to loving two wheels more than two.

Speaking to La Gazzetta Dello Sport Wolff said on the matter: “When the news spread, I tried to call him, in vain.

“So I called one of the three engineers who was with him. “Where are you?”. “Er, um, we’re on a track.” “Are you turning all three on the motorbike, then?” “Yes, but … we’re done “.”

Toto Wolff

Hamilton did, however, suffer a small accident during the session after turning seven seconds after the official drivers and Van der Mark felt he showed a bit of recklessness.

Despite this Wolff joked about the whole thing: “We all had a liberating laugh.

“But it is clear that for Christmas I will not give him a bike!”

Hamilton was out on track at Jerez on December 1st with Yamaha World Superbike racers Alex Lowes and Michael van der Mark on a plain-coloured YZR-M1 bike bearing his #44.

In fact, he performed so well that MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi urged Lewis Hamilton to visit his motorbike training ranch in Italy.

The facility, which is situated in Rossi’s hometown of Tavullia, acts as the base for his VR46 Riders Academy junior programme.

The 1.8-mile dirt track also serves as Rossi’s training venue.

Following his Superbike run, Hamilton posted on Instagram saying how much he had enjoyed his Yamaha experience.

He wrote: “Woke up feeling great today, miss riding the superbike already. FYI I’ve always loved two wheels more than four.

“Always wanted a motorbike since I was a kid, however am super-grateful my dad got me a kart. But current new love is [being] out on track on my bike.

“I have the highest regard and respect for these motorbike riders. It’s a much different discipline, however requires some of the same basics such as time, patience, fearlessness, focus, agility and risk taking – all of which make a sport exciting.

“And yes, I’d love to race bikes. But these guys are on another level so I think I’ll just enjoy riding and testing the limits on track.

“@valeyellow46, I need to come to the ranch asap.”

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton leads Alex Lowes
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