‘I start Forgetting Matches Now’- Roger Federer


Roger Federer has always idolized Pete Sampras during his early days, and now that Roger himself is in his last days, his respect for Pete Sampras has not waned a bit. “I think his success at Wimbledon, being able to win it seven times”, says Federer. “It’s amazing. Winning it three times, coming back, winning it four times, going for five, it’s quite something. And he finished off with the US Open victory. It was very special against his biggest rival Agassi.”


The Swiss maestro appreciates the way in which Sampras played his game, calling his game ‘fluid’ in nature. Federer also lauded Pete Sampras for the manner in which he utilized his serves effectively. “There’s many things that Pete did incredibly well. I think that’s what I’ll remember most of him”, says the Swiss maestro. “But especially his fluid game. I guess the best serve we’ve seen in tennis history, even though today we also have some good ones”, he added. “But it’s just the way he used it and the way he backed it up. And, you know, what a smooth mover he was, as well, which he never really got credit for.”


In an era where everything is well documented and captured on screen, the players have nowhere to hide. All the matches and points are analysed on global television by professionals and the media has their own take on it as well. Whatever the players do nowadays is magnified and posted online for the world to see.

“I think I know a lot about my history the matches I’ve played, the points I’ve played and stuff”, says Federer. “I guess in today’s game we get reminded so many more times, you see it and you have pictures and film and everything”. “But I’m getting to the point where I start forgetting matches now, because I just have played so many“, he jokes.


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