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Former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker DeMarcus Ware To Work With Current Linebackers In Team

Former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker DeMarcus Ware To Work With Current Linebackers In Team

DeMarcus Ware, who is a former Dallas Cowboys linebacker was recently on the USA TODAY’S Inside The Cowboys podcast. He talked about various aspects of his former team’s new defensive look. DeMarcus Ware discussed the three linebackers, namely DeMarcus Lawrence, Aldon Smith, and Randy Gregory.

DeMarcus Ware on defense change

Ware was asked about the new defensive look of Mike Nolan’s Dallas Cowboys and the philosophical changes that can probably occur in the upcoming NFL season.  Answering this question, Ware mentioned about playing under the former defense Dallas Cowboys coach Rod Marinelli. He talked about the change from 4-3 defense to 3-4 defense in Dallas Cowboys.

DeMarcus Ware stated that “I played with Rod Marinelli in his 4-3 defense and, you know, it’s four guys, three linebackers, corners... It’s more about coverage and the four guys getting to the quarterback. But now, you’ve got a whole new person coming in and the 3-4 defense is all predicated on getting pressure, pushing the pocket up the middle, stopping the run, bringing the outside linebackers to create those turnovers.”

DeMarcus Ware on the current linebackers of Dallas Cowboys

Ware also talked about the linebacker’s role to create turnovers. He expects the three linebackers-DeMarcus Lawrence and Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory to play a significant role here.

“That’s why DeMarcus Lawrence and Aldon Smith and Randy Gregory, they can excel in this defense because you might get a tight end, or you might have to be on a running back because five guys are rushing now instead of four. But they can interchange each one of those guys, and that’s what makes it hard on those offenses… because they can’t block you, stated former Cowboys player

Ware added “So, I think with this hybrid-type defense and talking to DeMarcus Lawrence, he’s ready to… ‘Hey, DeMarcus can you maybe come by and show me how to stand up?’ That made me smile (laughs). Because I’ll teach him a little bit of the outside linebacker position, but knowing they’re going to be a little more hybrid style, I think is going to benefit them.”

Ware summed up saying he expects the new linebackers to come over to his studio after the lockdown. He also added that all of them would work together to excel in team tactics.

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