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Former F1 Driver Responds to Close Call with Ayrton Senna and his McLaren F1 Teammate

Former F1 Driver Responds to Close Call with Ayrton Senna and his McLaren F1 Teammate


During the practice session of the 1993 British Grand Prix, F1 driver Mark Blundell had a very close call with the McLaren F1 pair of Ayrton Senna and Michael Andretti. Blundell crashed out in the wet conditions, unfortunately, his wrecked car car to a rest right in the middle of the track. It does not take a genius to figure out that a crashed car in the middle of a track and heavy rain, with the spray and cars zooming around, would be disastrous.

Suddenly, Senna and Andretti appeared, and somehow avoided a crash. The McLaren teammates were side-by-side when they came across the stricken Ligier of Blundell. Luckily, they went on either side of the wreck and avoided adding to the carnage.

It was worth noting that Blundell was getting out of the car when he spotted the McLaren duo bearing down on him. He then did the most appropriate reaction and ducked down into the car and awaited the eventual collision. Luckily, it never came, and not wanting to find out what happens when a car crashes into him while his seat belts were off, he sprinted away.

The session was red-flagged, thankfully and the car was quickly cleared before the action resumed. With regard to the rest of the weekend, Ayrton Senna qualified 4th, behind Alain Prost, Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher. McLaren teammate Michael Andretti was further behind in 11th and Mark Blundell was 9th.

In terms of the race, Senna’s McLaren ran out of fuel, but managed to finish 5th, while Blundell was 7th fastest. Sadly for the British team, Michael Andretti spun off early and his race was over. Pole-sitter Prost went on to win, ahead of Michael Schumacher and Riccardo Patrese. Johnny Herbert in the Lotus was the only other driver ahead of Senna’ McLaren.

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