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Former Ferrari President Feels Rivals are not as Competitive

Former Ferrari President Feels Rivals are not as Competitive

2015 F1 Championship

Former Ferrari President, Luca di Montezemolo has stated that 2018 could finally be the year when the team ends its decade-long wait for a world champion. Ferrari’s last champion was Kimi Raikkonen, who won the title back in 2007.

Montezemolo felt that Vettel’s relative position as compared to last year is much better. “If you look at last year, I hope that Seb [Vettel] will not have too much pressure on him. He’s strong, the car is good”, he commented.

“Mercedes until now doesn’t seem to be so competitive. So there are a lot of chances. Maybe this could be their good year.”

Montezemolo was positive about Ferrari

Montezemolo only had high praise for Vettel and hoped to see him emulate what the great Michael Schumacher did with Ferrari. He said, “Michael has won many championships with us. Seb, unfortunately, no. I hope he will soon start a new era winning in a row championships like Michael.”

“I think Seb is a very good driver. Michael always had a very good opinion of him. I hope that he can follow Michael but to achieve the same results is not so easy, even if he is young, strong, a good driver”, he added.

Vettel in his early days with Schumacher

It was a known fact that Schumacher had high hopes for his successor and the then Ferrari President revealed the same. “When I hired Sebastian, because I was the guy who just a few weeks before leaving the team signed the deal with Vettel, Michael was for sure pleased.”

“He told me since a few years before that Vettel in his opinion was a good driver for Ferrari”, said the Italian.

These words will be a big boost for Ferrari and their team. They have worked hard to get to this position over the past couple of years, after falling off the radar at the start of the decade and it seems that if they keep up the level of performances so far, the elusive title shall not be too far off.

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